English grammar

Personal notes of the book 'English grammar in use' - Raymond Murphy.

Present continuous (I am doing)

Usage: in the middle of ‘action’, started doing and haven’t finished yet; talk about things/changes happening in a period around now (for example, today / this week / this evening etc.).

Often the action is happening at the time of speaking, but not necessarily.

Standard structure:

Subject Present tense of be Present participle verb
I am (’m) / am not (’m not, ain’t) -ing form of verb
he/she/it/name of a person is (’s) / is not (’s not, isn’t) -ing form of verb
we/you/they/name of group are (’re) / are not (’re not,aren’t) -ing form of verb

For framing a question, reverse the first 2 columns.

Continuous is not used with stative verbs, use simple instead.

Present simle (I do)